Building Nuclear Confidence on the Korean Peninsula:
Proceedings of the July 23-24, 2001 Workshop
Sponsored by the Technology Center for Nuclear Control and the Korea Institute for National Unification

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Speaker Biographies

Potential Application of the ABACC Model to Other Regions -- Carlos Feu Alvim

  • Paper by Feu Alvim

    Applying ABACC Experiences to the Korean Peninsula: Possibilities and Action Plans -- Seongwhun Cheon

  • Paper by Cheon

    Applying Confidence-Building Measures in a Regional Context-- Holly Higgins

  • Paper by Higgins

    Nuclear Arms Control on and around the Korean Peninsula: Proposing an East Asian Peace Zone-- Taewoo Kim

  • Paper by T. Kim

    Experience in Building a Common Safeguards System-- Alfredo Biaggio

  • Paper by Biaggio

    Collaboration between North and South Korea on Nuclear Energy for Peaceful Uses-- Yo Taik Song

  • Paper by Song

    (note: very large file (~7 Mb) with images)Ensuring Nuclear Transparency on the Korean Peninsula: What is an Adequate Approach?-- David Albright

  • [Smaller file without Images]

  • Paper by Albright

    (note: very large file (~ 2 Mb) with images)Step-by-Step Nuclear Confidence Building on the Korean Peninsula: Where Do We Start?-- B-K Kim

  • [Smaller file without Images]

  • Paper by B-K Kim

    Wrap-up Session Summary: Main Themes and Proposals--B-K Kim and David Albright

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